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20 June, 2010 @ 4:04:00 PM

you know what? i am not going to post much here till maybe when i feel like it :} I'm not indolent , nor demented, i just kind of detest blogger now of days , my apple loathes it too that why he remove the "bloggerplus" app from my iphone . have to thanks him for that eh . hahaha .ok, lame .
pssssh, i might deleted blogger and moved to livejournal soon :) long blogger.
i shall go & study now .

watching Worldcup , msn-ing, messaging simultaneously is a tough job ! and oh watching teevee too. result: i'm effete.

21 May, 2010 @ 7:39:00 PM Wedding dress(:

'happy b'day Wanlin :)'

4 assignments to complete! I mean 5!!!! Oh yes FIVE. thanks to intensive programme the school have organized. Tomorrow having such a nerve racking match ! Defending champions for div1:( how will SSG ever beat them ? We will be there cones running in circle, hopefully not. I'm optimistic that the results is negative :) haha.

I failed two subjects , and manage to smoke through biology ok , shall start with my work now, need to accomplished it by today/ tomorrow !

17 May, 2010 @ 5:01:00 PM Riding solo.

The blood in my nerves, veins just boils vigorously when reacted to what shit you have return to me ! I should be a clairvoyant and know i had this coming uh. Not important. I'm not important. ALL THAT MATTER IS THAT BOYFRIEND of yours ok. I can't choose my fate. I don't know how to react. I don't know how to face you. All I know is I have to pretend that I really really really don't mind and just put on the facade thinking that I am very absent minded. It's more of disappointment not furious. I think I'm never in a right frame of mind as each time I know you will forsake it despite being reminded and yet I asked for your help. I should have know. I should.

16 May, 2010 @ 3:28:00 AM

I can't get to sleeeep, feel like everything just process in a slower pace. Kinda love it this way , the good thing about exam is we can go home early :) 4 more papers to go.

1/2 of me wants to get over and done with o level
Another 1/4 :no, I can't. I'm not prepared for the battle
1/25 restricted me : must study girl must study.
1/3: I want to eat !
Well there a whirlpool in my brain actually. I better ...

try to sleep now, in case I start being random. Haha!

His bad boy looks is a killer

13 May, 2010 @ 2:56:00 PM Airplanes

What crampmistry when you don't cramp up ALL your chemistry theory that particular night or in the middle of the morning at 4am and try to smoke through the WHOLE paper ? When I got the chemistry mye paper. First thing that occurred in my brain is. " this sound so nice , CHEMISTRY(SPA)theory paper2" uh huh, when I flip to the next page : shut," did I even learn this, or do I remember see this somewhere before. "

All I can say , thanks that this is only mye. I will achieve better results next time it's screaming in my head that i should wake up now although I'm so composed. What paradox ! Haha. Literature , I hope that everything will be a breeze, it will be I believe /: I need my A1:( I wish I wish I wish .... But it won't work.time to study :)

I feel so narcissistic.